Fall 2009


I have sold most of my artwork through open houses and Scandinavian fairs. In 2005, we branched out and tested selling art in gift stores. Thirteen stores around the country (MN, CA, VT, IL, WI, & WA) have already purchased prints and are finding success in selling my art! For the first few years, I have had a friend contacting stores and handling orders on my behalf. But now, since moving back to Oregon, I am happy to do this myself.

To see what is available, just click on "the Art" from the first page of the website, then click on "Prints". You will then find a selection of my 20 most popular images.

The prints are printed with archival ink on heavy weight paper. They are not posters, but signed fine artwork. We ship them to you in a cellophane package with a thin, supportive backing. They are ready for your price tag and display!

We encourage you to have a framed print with your display. We have found this to really help with the sales of the prints. We suggest that you frame one yourself or ask how you can purchase a framed print at minimal cost when you place your order.

Thank you for your interest!
Greta Lann